Our Product Range

Sauceman’s product range is ideally suited for the party food market. The flavour profile and the packaging format is perfectly suited for this category, with a capability of providing gluten free and vegan options. 
Our diverse range also includes alcohol free formulations.
We can offer own brand solutions to the market and supply branded pizzerias and own brand pizza manufacturing companies, with capabilities to supply frozen portions of garlic and herb that are free stable.
Sauceman product offering is to add value to a meal solution. The company is recognised internationally for its peppercorn sauce and white wine sauce.
With the packing format of these being double portion servings which allows excellent portion control, value for money and profitable returns for our partners.
Having a low PH value, these sauces do not require refrigeration and can be placed anywhere within the store

Products we offer:

If you want it, We can make it!

If it flows, It goes!