The company is proud now to launch it combo pizza meals unlike the current frozen pizza offering that are to be found around the world in all supermarket freezers.

Shalvanos is different by design and innovation, all meals offerings are packed using the company’s own design compostable trays, that keep all the meal components separate until the moment they enter the family oven.

There are current two options to pick from:

Our Margarita Pizza or Pepperoni offering both with 20% cheese, coupled with sides:

The meal is all cooked at the same time in 13-15 minutes.

We want to bring value added to the next level, protecting our environment with the reduction in plastics while providing fantastic value for money-

Our transport channels allow world wide shipping and we welcome talking with potential partners to represent our brand in your territory

“Shalvanos - Lovely & Different “

Shalvanos is a registered trademark of The Sauceman & the Shalvey family Ireland.